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Dear Granpa: Rain
In a Morgan Freeman voice
May he and the epic that is his voice be praised.
Granpa sat in his rocking chair
Looking out from the porch
Into the pouring rain
His Niece came outside
The to-be eight year old ghosted onto his lap
"Mom says dinners ready"
"It smells good"
... do you know what it is?"
" ... uhh ... chicken?
She giggled
He smiled
"Do you like the Rain?"
"not really ..."
"oh,  why not?"
"I guess because,  I can't play when it rains
Mom doesn't let me"
She crossed her arms and pouted
"She says I'll catch a cold
she says  'You'll catch a cold playing in the rain for two seconds "
"she's right you know"
"she's always right"
"not always ... "
"do you like the rain Granpa"
"Hm, well ... We're quite like the rain
You and I
We are formed.
We fall.
We soar
Though the sky as we will
Towards one
Predetermined end.
The End waits for us
As we race towards it
It doesn't pause on,
Who we are or
Where we came from
What we've done,
It just
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The Traitor Army
The Hero watched his army march
Returned the gates of Heavens Arch
The Day was Done
The Fight was Won
But his joy
Couldn't stop his tears
Soon he would realise his greatest of Fears
This peaceful world was once disturbed
And once again its peace corrupted
By the hands of His Very Own
The Seeds of War already Sown
The little girl
At his side
Who he'd fought for
Hoped to hide
From the horrors of his Side
He held her close
Couldn't voice, through his pride
So in silence
That was the difference
Between soldiers and men
Were one cannot
The other can
And as that girl
Waved Goodbye
He put his head down
And wished to Die
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Zombie WIP :iconiamld:IamLD 0 8
Intro numba 1 by IamLD
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Cycle of our Lives
This Twisted Cycle
This Cycle of our Lives
You are a Child
The world tells you
You do not yet know better.
You are an Adolescent
The world tells you
You have yet to learn.
You are an Adult
The world tells you
It does not matter.
You are Aging
The world tells you
There is no time.
You are Old
The world tells you
It is too late.
You are Dying
You tell the child
They do not know better.
This twisted Cycle
This Cycle of our Lives
:iconiamld:IamLD 2 1
You shouldn't be reading this.
As the child lay at the feet of the directors
Her Will broken like ice in an avalanche
The directors gave quiet uproar to her fate
Discussing the means of her immediate disposal
Nothing left … but to close her eyes and weep
This is the end,  it is coming for you
And there is nothing you can do,  to stop it
Like the sound of a planet snapping in two
A intense stillness settled
Like the crush of a tide it enveloped everything
Silence was.  And thoughts were deafening
The being descended upon her
A moving quiet
A silent stillness
It gracefully fell as if air was to it water
Ceased of voice
The others could only stare
Forced and Frozen in horrid observance
The shadow cradled the child's head
With gentleness with which a mother could not compare
Swept stray hair from her face
She opened her eyes
And hers met his
The well of emotions once damned untapped
now flowing burst and coursed though her all
A star in its glow as bright as the smile that eased
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Flawed Instructions
A tale of trueness though script true only in its truely false visage.
Act 1 Scene 1.  The Dilemma
Player 1: The VCR's not working
Player 2: But we followed the instructions
Player 1: But its not working
Player 2: Well try it again!
Act 2 Scene 1.  The path of Resolution
Player 3:                 Might I state that
While it is obvious that something hath occurred that is
Beyond the parameters of these instructions,  set in papered ink
So must we Too
Venture forth from the
Comfortable confines of these strict instructions of Ink and paper
To resolve this dilemma most peculiar
And receive onto us the limitless joys
of small minded entertainment
Contained within mystery of this very
Though derelict and much aged VCR
Player 1: ...
Player 2: ...
Player 1:  ... What?
Act 2 scene 2.  Resolution be damned
Player 2: Player 3 kindly Shut up and find out what
:iconiamld:IamLD 0 1
What is it about Text?
There's just something about Text.
What is it about letters on a screen that changes us?
What is it that allows quiet yet secretly frustrated souls to take up the verbal axe
And Behead the stumbling seed,  those seeking nothing but encouragement
What is it about text?
That allows the openly frustrated social outcast to be accepted for what he is
In which virtual cast,  often unthrift in't its belittlement
What is it about letters that makes us alike books?
Open to eyes we would shy,  nay flee lest from our most sacred passage read
What is it about font that so easily splints our being twine
The humble unquieted
The outcast's oustry cast on electric wind
Pulses via world without being
It is facelessness.
It is being in not being
It is voice without voice
It is a naïve mind without instinct
And without fear.
No rebuttal too harsh
No pleasantry to false
Nothing taken at face value as it has no face
A collective of nothing
A beast of a world that cannot g
:iconiamld:IamLD 2 5
Episode 3. by IamLD
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Episode 2. by IamLD
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Any assumed Typos are completely Intentional
Unless they are Unintentional, in which they are Typos.


Trouble Sleeping
Luna couldn't sleep. It was her first morning in Canterlot, and she was tired after all the excitement of the previous night – being shown her rooms, adjacent to Celestia's own personal quarters, and introduced to her personal guards, cooks, maids, valets, secretaries... there were so many ponies here! - but the sleep eluded her.
She rolled over once again, hoping against hope that she'd find lying on her right side was somehow more conducive to sleep. No such luck.
It wasn't just the shocking twists and turns of the last few days and nights, Luna thought. She'd had no difficulties in Ponyville, falling asleep next to her sister after the party celebrating her release from the Nightmare.
It was the bed, another of those new-fangled innovations the ponies had come up with while she was... away. A proper bed, as far as the Night Princess was concerned, was a nice, fluffy cloud that swayed and shifted with your every little movement, even your breathing, and where you could bu
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 57 54
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Hmmm ... my favourites make me look like a perv

I have no regrets.



Still a Writer in an Artist's society.

Want in?
Your idea
My Skills
Time and effort
Bing, done.

Current Residence: *looks at feet*
Favourite genre of music: reference Print preference for answer
Favourite photographer: i'm sure you can see the trend by now
Favourite style of art: varied, i like the good stuff
Operating System: ... Laptop?
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic
Wallpaper of choice: i switch between everything i have on a irregual basis, than i look for more
Skin of choice: natural, but not too hairy
Favourite cartoon character: Theres a bunch i like
If u wanna just skip to the juicy bits, flick down to the bottom somewhere

First off
must say that, LBP2
is by far the coolest, most leet
big @$$ ball of cutesy flipping happiness this side of Funky Hats Town, on Groove St Swingsville

I myself being a uncertified Imagineer have only had time to create only one thing so far
a rocket, primarily made of a rocket attatched to a explosive box with controls wired in
(its a prototype)
I go by LAMADADDY if u were wondering
*cough*soulless advertising*cough* *ahem*

not a lot to say on the whole
slack off mode i've been in for a while now
hey, schools over and i can't beat my lazy nature
blame me, not ... wait ...

ok, I've made a lot of promises during my off time
and without any real source of motivation
being that my craft isn't exactly paygrade material and my distinctly unmotivated self
can't get off his butt to get me motivated

u could help with that u know
couple comments here and there
even a 'YOU SUCK!!' now and then

And if you Don't .....

I don't know, i'll be sad i guess

todays meaningful quote is;

"changing yourself so you can feel better with other people
will make you feel worse by yourself
making yourself better so you can feel better with yourself
will make you feel better with other people"

Sincerely yours
  • Listening to: Metal, melodic and otherwise
  • Reading: Girl with the dragon tattoo
  • Watching: That seventies show
  • Playing: LBP2 ... building rockets ... which is AWESOME!
  • Eating: LBP2 cake
  • Drinking: LBP2 Cramberry juice

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